Benefits of Om chanting - Aum chanting benefit - Om benefit types

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Om chant offers physical, mental and spiritual peace. Continuous chanting of it makes our soul active. Our body consists of new consciousness and energy. The dead cells present in the body also revive. There is a positive effect on the mind-brain. This mantra has a very effective effect on the body that it is called the mother of all the mantras. Let's know what are its benefits?

Physical benefits of Om:-

1. Many times, chanting Om causes the whole body to become stressless.

2. The pronunciation of Om balances the heart and blood flow.

3. The digestive power is faster than the chant of Om.

4. If you feel nervous or impatience from the inside, nothing better than Om's accent.

5. It removes the toxic elements of the body i.e., controls the substances produced due to stress.

6. Chanting of Om gives energy to the body and does not feel fatigue.

7. The problem of not sleeping is also overcome by chanting Om.

8. The pronunciation of the first word of Om causes vibration. This vibration affects the spinal cord and its capacity increases and accentuation of the second word of Om causes vibration in the throat, which affects the thyroid gland.

Mental benefits of Om:-

1. Om's chant has the unique ability to live the life and face the challenges of the world.

2. The pronunciation of Om has better coordination and control with nature. All kinds of situations already have the power to wonder.

3. The purpose of living life from the pronunciation of Om is revealed and there is no fear of anything in life.

4. The thoughts of suicide such as cowardice do not come around and have the ability to subdue their mind.

The spiritual benefits of Om chanting:-

1. The pronunciation of Om relates to God, and exercising for a long time creates the power to realize God.

2. With its accent, the purpose of life is clear and it shows how God is always sitting with us and motivating us.

3. There is no fear of death due to the pronunciation of Om, because even the time of the time is God that is protecting me in every Kalon according to my karma, thinking that the person gets away from fear forever.

If there are still some doubts that are not erasing, then for a small example, it is understood by the way that the wind is identified instead of looking at it, the same thing cannot be explained further by talking to you, Practice and see the benefits of this.