Best Chanting of Om Mantra - Aum Mantra Chanting - Om Chanting

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Om is not just a word but in this one word the creator of creation is involved. The word of 2½ (two and half) is the essence of the whole universe. It is believed that the sound of the sound that was echoed before the world came into existence was Om. According to the ancient yogis, anything in the universe is not permanent or constant forever. Even when the world does not exist then even the echo of this sound will be present in the universe, because this mantra is the beginning but not the end. Therefore Om is said to be the voice of the universe. It is universal because it is the home of the whole universe.

How and when to Chanting Om: -

You can chant this mantra at any time; any situation by becoming holy in the morning, if you sit on the Kush and chanting on the East, then it is considered the best. The practice of this mantra can also be done by sitting in Suksan, Pahmasan, Ardha Pahmasan and Vajrasan etc. The chant of this mantra can be pronounced 5, 7, 11 or 21 times according to its convenience.

Some Tips for Chanting Om:-

1. To be a quiet place to chant the Om.

2. To chant the Om, you should sit in a comfortable position according to your convenience.

3. Close your eyes and leave the body and nerves loose and take a long time.

4. Chant the Om Mantra and feel its vibrations.

5. Keep chanting the Om mantra until you feel comfortable.

According to the scriptures, by regularly chanting the word Om, one attains the powers of the universe. Not only that, all the sorrows in his life, the disease ends. Om works as a sound, not just a word. When chanting this word, we get many benefits due to the sound of Uddhav that happens. Therefore, whenever you call Om, select a quiet place. In a place where there is no one far away, open air, there is a calm atmosphere and you can feel close to nature. Just like a garden, a plain or an open terrace, you feel better.