Limbs of Yoga Meditation - How many type of Yoga Asanas

1. Yama: - Yama is the means of discipline, which relates to the mind of every human being. By practicing it, man learns non-violence, truth, stealing, purity and sacrifice.

2. Rule: - Rules are the ways that are related to the physical discipline of a human. Purification of body and mind Satisfaction, perseverance and ecstasy, such as cleaning the body, is prepared by Neti, dhoti and settlement.

3. Asana: - To keep the human body in a special position for maximum time is called asana. For example, keeping the spinal cord straight, keeping the legs in a particular direction is called Padmasana.

4. Pranayama: - By sitting in a fixed place according to any particular method, the method of pulling and pulling in inhalation is called pranayama.

5. Pratyahar: - Pratyahar means to put the mind and senses on the hollow of the divine from their respective actions.

6. Perception: - It means to put your mind in a desired subject. In this way, meditation on one side creates a great power in man, with which the desire of his mind is fulfilled.

7. Meditation: - Meditation is a higher state than perception, in which man gets up from worldly entanglement and becomes involved in self-meditation.

8. Trance: - At the time of trance, one's soul becomes absorbed in God.