Best Meditation Techniques - How to Meditate for beginners

Meditation is a state that combines or mixes the human body, mind and soul together. Meditation means that meditation is the only means of attaining Self and attaining Self. Meditation focuses all the energy of the human being and at the same time is considered to be the art of covering the veil and this veil is laying outside the human body, but not inside the person, but what is the curtain? And why does it remove it? .... The curtain is thoughts, such as good thoughts, bad thoughts and thoughts that keep you bound, but you start peeping through these thoughts or are able to control your thoughts if you go then you have started feeling the peace. That is why the state of non-discrimination is called meditation. There is a reason for different thoughts in the human being; the mind of a person who does not sit quietly, something keeps on thinking. By which man cannot be satisfied and neither can he remain calm. Meditation teaches you to control your mind and you experience that unimaginable peace, which leads you to the door of liberation.

Lifestyle: - Eating spiritual food, adhering to physical cleanliness, keeping positive thoughts and following virtues gives experience of peace, comfort in mind, which makes mental state for meditation, all meditative actions accept their importance.

Time of meditation: - Time from 4 a.m. to 6 p.m. is considered suitable for meditation. At this time there is peace in the environment. There is no disruption of any kind. According to meditative actions this time has been considered as the best for the development of mental powers.

The place of meditation: - The solitary place is appropriate for meditation. Where there is a holy or clean place, the place is best for meditation, because there is communication of clean air. It is considered good to meditate daily in one place. Should sit on the ground, sit on the floor, sit on the mat, seat of Kush, lay the cushion of cotton, and beat the lizard (Suksan or Padmasan).

Status of body in meditation: - Eyes should be closed and back should be straight. Sit down comfortably, do not sit or sit in a situation where there is pain or discomfort in the body and mind distraction. Both hands should be in the lap or knees.

Regular meditation: - Regular meditation means that as we eat, sleep or do any other work every day, meditation should be done every day so that we can realize the benefits that come from meditating.

Control over thoughts: - For meditation, it is very important for humans to control thoughts. If there are any thoughts in mind, do not let it come. Try to get rid of them, they are not lost. Do not increase it to enter that thought series, gradually the speed of thought will slow down and the mind will start freeing. How long will it take depends on your will and the severity of the effort.