Significance Of Om Word - Importance of Om Word - Aum / Om Word

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Om word is a major part of all the main cultures in this world in some form or another. According to the sages and monks of Hindu religion, there are different meanings in the three letters of the word Om. This Om word is made up of three letters. A, U, M each letter is composed of God's different names in its own right. The pronunciation of Om only vibrates in different parts of the body. As 'A' vibrates in the lower part of the body (close to the abdomen). 'U' vibrates in the central part of the body (near the chest) and 'M' vibrates in the upper part of the body (brain).

Om is filled in the entire universe just like the sky. The joy and peace that comes from chanting Om that peace does not come from any other word accent. This is the reason that Om's pronunciation is very important in the class of asana pranayama, which is very popular everywhere. It has a magic effect in a few days on people with very much mental stress and depression. For this reason the doctor also advises patients to do pranayama posture.

Knowing Om means knowing God. All Vedas interpret the significance of Om. Om's reputation has been proven in many ideologies. By adopting Om, knowledge can be obtained. By meditating Om by Sadhana austerity, one becomes free from his sins and attains salvation. It is also called the Pranav mantra. This is the soundless sound of the universe and it is continuing continuously throughout the universe, it is neither the beginning nor the end. The positive energy circulates around the one who pronounces Om. Om's contemplation meditates all the problems by meditating and concentrating on the mind, it takes the seeker into the feeling. The person in it is away from the desires of the subject and feels the perfection. In many religious activities, the word Om is eclipsed. Which demonstrates its importance According to ancient religious texts; this mantra has been prevalent in entire directions before the creation of the universe. First of all, its sound is considered to be the beginning of creation. Other religions have also recognized the significance of Om.