Full meaning of Om - Aum mantra meaning - Om symbol meaning

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Om English word "omni", which means many and never ending elements. Like Vaudpachatmemadj (omnipotent) Vedapachwajamaj (Omnipresent or God) is actually made up of this Om word. It has been proven that Om is not of any opinion, religion or creed but of total humanity. Just like that water, air, sun, God, Vedas etc. are all for humankind, not just for any one community. Now the question is: If 'Om' is a divine sound then what is its origin? If some sound waves in the universe exist, namely the prevailing waves. So what is the reason for this, because it is the law of science that no sound is produced automatically? Where there will be a movement, the sound will arise. Whether it be heard with ears or not. The word Om in Sanskrit is made up of three letters: "A", "U" and "M". When 'A' and 'A' are added, then it becomes 'o' letter together. If you repeatedly repeat 'A' and 'U', you will find that the result of this mixture comes from the sound "o" naturally. After this the last letter is called "m". The 'A' sound emerges from the back of the throat; it is the first sound which emerges from all humans open mouth. After this comes the sound 'au' which then comes out when the mouth comes in a completely open position after being completely open. The sound 'm' is formed when the lips are connected and the mouth completely closes, so this is a symbol of the end. When these sounds are added together it means Om. Start, middle and end "In short, all the sounds, whether different or different, can all come within the bounds of these three.

Om has many other interpretations, some of which are as follows: -

A = Tamas (Darkness, ignorance), U = rajas (passion, mobility), M = sattva (purity, light)

A = Brahma (Creator), U = Vishnu (Preserver), M = Shiva (Vandalism)

A = present, U = ghost, M = future

Apart from this, it has been said in the meaning of Gayatri Mantra that the great noise arising from the movement of our Earth Mandal, home division, the space board and the movement of all the galaxies is the 'Om' of the Pranav character, God's first identity. Let's see what is the full meaning of Gayatri Mantra?

(A) Name Search (ॐ) Om Pranav Characters

Land: Geography, Geopolitics

Bhuvas: = Space People, Home Division

Self: = Heaven people

(B) The form of the invention - then - that divine

Then = that divine

Savit = God

Varanayam = Vainable

(C) Worship - Heaven - of light, of light

Deity = the gods

Slow down = Do meditation

(D) Dhio (Dear) - intellect

Yo = that

N = our

Proliferation - Motivate on the road.

It has been said in the meaning of the above Gayatri Mantra that the great noise arising from the movement of our earth masses, the house circle, the space board and all the galaxies is the first form of God, the Pranav Akshar, 'Om' and that divine is the form of various forms of light. It is manifest that we meditate on the light of that divine and pray that it should keep our intellect on the path so that the spirituality cannot be seen in our playful mind to put it in regulation and seeker to provide the sensation of reality. The sounds produced by the mobility of different planets constantly make us realize that every house keeps on rotating around its axis, at a fixed speed all around the Sun, from which this eternal universe is moving from eternity. Under the physical rules, changes in the dynamics of the Earth from day to night and changes in seasons. These sound waves produced by the movement of the planets, which are always occupied throughout the universe, give us understanding of the continuity of the universe and from these the creation of the universe.