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Yoga meditation

Yoga meditation

Yoga meditation: - Meditation is an important part of Yoga which creates a connection between mind and soul, because the meaning of yoga is added, then there is no specific way of doing it, but on this basis, others are divided into meditations which are the following.

1. Chakra Meditation: - Every human body has 7 chakras. The meaning of doing these meditations is by meditating on the same chakras. These chakras are also considered to be centers of energy of the body. Most of this meditation has to focus on the heart cycle.

2. Vision of meditation: - This meditation is done by opening eyes with a pause feeling. This means that you constantly meditate on a thing and look after it. In this situation, many thoughts, tensions and fantasies come before your eyes. With the help of this meditation, you can see and understand your present in a Buddhist way.

3. Kundalini meditation: - This meditation is considered one of the most difficult meditations. In this, man has to awaken his Kundalini energy. The person who is located in the spinal cord. While doing this, man gradually opens all the spiritual centers or doors of his body and one day salvation is attained. This meditation has to be done very carefully.