Definition of Om symbol - Om word meaning - Aum Meditation meaning

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Before expressing the meaning of Om, it is necessary to understand the meaning of its meaning. The sound of Om lies in the entire universe, which is the power of life. By which the word gets power, this is the form of Om. Om was first described in the Upanishad.

Om is described in different ways in Upanishads. Such as cosmic sound, mysterious word or affirmation of divine things there is no such thing as Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian in this name, but Om is the main part of all the main cultures in some form. It is a symbol of goodness, power, godliness and respect.

For example, if Hindus include it in their mantras and hymns, Christians and Jews also use a similar word "Amen" to show religious consensus and our Muslim remember this by saying "Amen" and Buddhists use it as “Om Mani Padme Hum ". The Sikh also sings the virtues of "Ek Onkar" that is "One Supreme Reality". What is the similarity in all these mantras or slokas? There is equality which means Om, which is also called "Omkar or Pranav". See, only two and a half letters, understand the essence of the whole universe.

Om is not religious, but it appears in some religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism as a traditional symbol and sacred voice. Om is not the property of any one Om is everyone; it is universal and has the whole universe in it. Om is considered to be the first sound. It is believed that the physical creation before the existence of physical creation in the universe was the echo of the Om. Om is therefore called the voice of the universe.

The chanting of Om connects us with this trick of the whole universe and makes it a part of it, whether it is the sun or the moon rising, The flow of tide or the beating of our heart or the voices of every atom within our body When we chant Om, we take the ride of this universal move through our breath, our awareness and our physical energy, and we begin to understand a deeper relationship which gives peace to the mind and the soul.