Rules of Yoga Practice - Rules of Yoga for Beginners

Yoga is very different from simple exercises. Yoga is wrong to say exercise, because the main purpose of yoga is not to strengthen the muscles, but its purpose is to remove stress and other physical problems etc. To do yoga, man needs to be self-confident as well as continuous follow some rules and discipline. Before doing yoga, it is important to know what Yoga is and what precautions should be taken to do this. Yoga is an ancient form of practice, by which the body's strength and breath are centered, which increases physical and mental health.

If we do not know the rules and small precautions to make yoga, then surely your health can be lost rather than benefit. Therefore, it is very important to be aware of the rules of yoga before doing yoga. As written below:-

1. Yoga practice should be done on the basis of Guru's guidance.

2. Yoga is the right time during sunrise or sunset.

3. Do the bath before adding.

4. Make yoga empty.

5. While wearing yoga, wear comfortable cotton clothes.

6. There should be a clean place and a quiet atmosphere for doing yoga.

7. Focus on your yoga practice.

8. While exercising, do not force yourself with your body.

9. Continuous yoga practice should be done.

10. Yoga for women: - Women should not do yoga during their menstruation. Because the uterine cavity remains open during this period and the process of blood-flow continues. Therefore, yoga can also lead to severe blood-related problems. Apart from this, if a woman is pregnant, she should not do yoga during pregnancy. Some simple postures of yoga can be done after 3 months of pregnancy, but in this situation, before taking yoga, consult the yoga instructor.