Meditation - What is Meditation - Meditation Explanation

Dhyan which is known in English as 'meditation'. There are various types of thoughts in the mind of man with the word meditation. First of all, the word meditation does not have any meaningful meaning. If you just sit and close your eyes, then it will be called meditation. You can do many things by sitting close to your eyes. Like chanting, penance, meditation, perception, Samadhi can do anything. So what is the thing that we call meditation? Generally we assume that meditation means meditation on people. If you consider meditation as meditation then it is not something you can do, even those who have tried to meditate, most of them eventually reach the result that it is difficult either to do it or then it is impossible and this is because it is trying to do it. You cannot meditate, but you can be meditative. Meditation is a special kind, no work. If you take your body, mind, and emotions to a certain level of maturity, meditation will come naturally.

Meditation means to go beyond the boundaries of our physical body and mind. When you are beyond the limitations of your body and mind, then only you find the full dimension of life inside you. When you see yourself as a body, your whole life goes out in just nutrition. But when you look at yourself as a mind, then your overall thinking is dictated by social, religious and family views. Your thinking becomes your slave in a way. Then you cannot see it When you become free from the transience of your mind, only then you will be able to know the aspects of the body and beyond the mind.